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Tint Condition LLC is proud to offer solar control window films since 1986. These blanketing window films reduce A/C costs during the summer and heat loss during the winter. Infrared and ultraviolet rejecting materials like ceramic and carbon create substantial window efficiency and increased Low-E values.

In addition to being the Southern Tier's leading window tinting business, Tint Condition™ LLC is recognized as a participating member of Broome County's Green initiative. Formally recognized on April 24, 2008 and then again April 23, 2009, Tint Condition™ LLC's energy-saving, environmentally conscientious methods have placed the company on the county's list of Earth-friendly businesses whose services will benefit the community. By utilizing solar energy and reducing total energy expenses, Tint Condition™ LLC displays exceptional innovation and concern for consumer and community alike.


Tint Condition™ LLC is proud to announce they are a participating member of the ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY program. Tint Condition™ LLC is responsible for the section of highway located between the Vestal Museum and Kost Tire on Rt 434 in Vestal. Employees of Tint Condition™ LLC clean trash from the highway in the spring and fall of each year. The refuse pickup has a dual purpose in helping to beautify the Vestal Rails to Trails system which runs parallel with Rt. 434.

Window Tinting Tax Credit

Did you know that you could receive a tax credit in 2009 if you tint the windows in your home? Tinting the windows is considered as insulation for your home.

The "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008" was signed into law by President Bush in October, 2008. This act allows for tax credits if certain qualifying imporvements are done to your home. Please visit the International Window Film Associations website for more information about the tax credit.

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