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Window films are created using three distinct
technologies: dyed, sputtered, or deposition technology.
In these technologies there are varying degrees of
quality. Unfortunately, they are difficult to tell apart by a
consumer. The sun will ruin a low quality film in an
amazingly short period of time. We have all been witness
to bad window film. It is purple with bubbles all over and
truly detracts from the vehicle's appearance. The very first car ever
tinted at Tint Condition™ LLC was done with a lifetime warranty deposition technology window film in 1986. This standard is what drives the corporation forward. Furthermore, Tint Condition™ LLC uses one piece of material to cover the rear window. It is not cut, seamed, spliced, or compromised in any way. This makes cleaning easier and gives the "factory installed" look that customers demand. We will only install the films with the quality that we would want on our own cars.

Tint Condition™ LLC is also proud to offer Scotchgard, by 3M. Scotchgard is a paint protection film. Scotchgard helps protect your vehicles paint from the following:

  • Insect stains and abrasions

  • Scratches and nicks

  • Small road debris damage
  • Winter road salt and sand

Scotchgard is a great way to help preserve your vehicle's appearance. Scotchgard protects your vehicles paint without the hassle of using a bug shield or car bra. Since the film is clear it will not change the overall look of your vehicle. Please contact our office for more information.


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