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Tint Condition™ LLC is a proud leader in the automotive
reconditioning industry. We offer complete detailing packages
for everything from cars to motorcycles, boats to RVs, as well as interior- and exterior-only packages. Tint Condition™ LLC is also an authorized dealer of decals, pin striping, and see-through window graphics from Vantage Point Concepts ™.

Colder climates and road salt can wreak havok on the paint and body of your vehicle. Washing and waxing your vehicle during the wintertime is one of the best things you can do to maintain the value of your car. It is recommended that your vehicle be waxed at least every six months to help protect your vehicle from corrosive elements. Washing and waxing your vehicle should not be limited to the spring and summer. Regularly washing your vehicle in the fall and wintertime is just as important because it helps remove salt, mud, and sleet that can cause damage to the paint and the clear finish of your vehicle. Mud and salt can become caked on the undercarriage of your vehicle promoting rust and corrosion and affecting how well your vehicle responds in the event of an emergency. One benefit to waxing your vehicle is that it gives the paint a warm appearance and a deep shine, while helpling to protect it from corrosive salt and colder temperatures. Wax also has filling capability that can help hide many imperfections in the paint. Wax can make an older vehicle shine like it did when you first rolled it off the lot. Keep in mind that your vehicle needs to be waxed more often if your car is white, black, or red because these colors are more susceptible to acid rain and UV rays.

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