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Commercial window tinting is serious business. If
customers are uncomfortable from heat or glare they
might leave your showroom. If the items on display at your
business are fading rapidly, they could be damaged before they
have a chance to sell. Your employees may be unhappy because of
excess solar heat and pass this mood on to customers or lose productivity.
Window film is not a messy chemical. It is a microthin film composed of a polyester substrate and metallized coatings bonded by adhesives. The film is applied using non harmful liquids like water and baby shampoo. Window film handles solar energy using state of the art deposition technology and sputtering technology to accomplish tremendous solar reduction without a dark look. In fact, there are commercial films available that are virtually clear while blocking out 99.9% of ultra-violet rays. Give Tint Condition™ LLC a call and see if we have a solution to your sun problem.

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