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Why do you need window film on your windows?

Tint Condition™ LLC window films solve the problems of fading and glare, and damage to furniture. Most importantly it helps occupants feel more comfortable in their home. Other benefits to consider are that the window films we install are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Why is window film necessary if there are window treatments on the windows?
On cloudy days we like to maximize the light in our home, however with our diverse North East weather patterns, even on cloudy days, you will get accumulative UV damage without window film. The sun will often damage window treatments, such as draperies, curtains, blinds, or shades. Window film protects all furnishings, including window treatments.
Will window film darken the interior of my home?

No. It will not darken the interior of a room. Unlike the dark films that you may remember from years ago, the technology of today’s window films combines the benefits of high heat rejection with very little if any change in the appearance of the glass. Tint Condition™ LLC window films will maintain the natural color of interiors. The open appearance of a filmed window can be beautiful.

Does window film help reduce the heat in a room when the sun comes shining through?
Yes. Up to 80% of the heat is rejected by our window films.
Will window film help reduce the glare?
Window film does reduce glare and helps eliminate eye fatigue. Family members who watch television, or use computers, will enjoy seeing screens with reduced glare. Additionally customers often comment that their view and natural earth colors are much more enhanced and richer in appearance.
How does window film affect the décor of my home?
Window film will not change the color of any of the furniture, fabric, artwork, or accessories. Instead, the décor looks better because of reduced glare and fading.
What do I do if the window breaks?

If the window breaks, the window film will hold the glass in place, thus reducing an incidence of injury or damage to furnishings; however, that panel of film will need to be replaced. With today’s high technology films, it is rare to ever notice a difference between a previously filmed window and a window next to it that has had film replaced.

Can window film be applied on odd shaped windows?
Yes. Our professional installers are trained to work on virtually any size or shape of flat glass windows. Today’s architecture allows for many upper, unusually shaped windows which we film daily.
How long does the window film last?
Our window films come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty against cracking, peeling, adhesive failure, or de-metallizing for residential applications, and 15 years for commercial applications but usually last much longer than that.
The glass is meticulously cleaned prior to the film being installed, and then the film is applied to the inside of the window. There is very little or no mess, and there is no inconvenience to the customer during the installation process. Clients can feel relaxed and at ease because there is no danger to their precious furnishings.
How durable is the window film? Will the film scratch when cleaned? How is the film maintained?
Tint Condition™ LLC window films are very durable, and scratch-resistant. Using a non-abrasive cleanser, the window will be easy to take care of for many years.
Why do interior designers recommend Tint Condition LLC window films?
Today’s clients enjoy larger glass windows and enhanced architectural details but want to preserve natural light and views. Window film allows a person to enjoy the natural sunlight without having to worry about the film competing with window treatments. Film also helps prevent furnishings and other items within the home from being damaged by the sun. Window films allow a person to enjoy the outside in its true nature, inside the comfort of their own home.
Will window film void my window’s lifetime warranty?

Yes. Because the correct film has to be matched with your window system, the window manufacturers will void your window’s warranty. However, the manufacturers of Tint Condition™ LLC window films provide a word for word replacement warranty to cover your original warranty. These warranties are backed by Fortune 500 companies like 3M, CPFilms (the maker’s of LLumar® Window Films) and are rarely ever needed because of problems caused by the installation of window film.


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