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Tint Condition™ LLC prides itself on taking care of your
number one investment...your home. Our free residential
estimates are composed of an in depth evaluation of exactly
what got us to your doorstep. We will listen first to your ideas and
then make suggestions based on over two decades of residential experience.
The interior and exterior colors of your home, exposure angle, climate,
plants, pets, and view are some of the factors in making an educated decision.
No window film can eliminate fading. It can, however, offer maximum protection from fading by reducing ultraviolet light by 99% and solar energy by up to 79%! It is possible to accomplish this with a film that would never be noticed. Window film is not a messy chemical. It is a microthin film composed of a polyester substrate and metallized coatings bonded by adhesives. The film is applied using non harmful liquids like water and baby shampoo. At the same time, it is tough and extremely scratch resistant. Please call Tint Condition™ LLC today so we can decide together if window film is an option in your home.


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